The development of a TEXT BASE on LEGISLATION is important from at least three points of view. First, every Legislative Counsel always wishes to summon up all the applicable Local Precedents which requires the painful task of identifying the Amendments in solving out a Legislative Drafting Problem.

Secondly, all the concerned officials need to maintain the ‘Cut and Paste’ versions of these Legislations relevant to their day-to-day operations which is always a time-taking job for concerned officials involved in this job.

Thirdly all the acts are not available in up-to-date form as and when required by general people, lawyers, judges and all others interested in it. In fact, this is the most vital reason why we should make INDIA CODE TEXTBASE available on INTERNET.

Keeping all these in view, INDIA CODE TEXTBASE, a TEXTBASE of all the Central Legislations was created and developed.

With the help of this system, not only the procedures of locating the relevant precedents and amendments are highly simplified but retrieving any Central Act of one’s interest in an up-to-date form has also been made extremely User-Friendly and accessible at push of few buttons.

This Text Base consists of all the Central Acts of Parliament as on Date right from 1836 onwards. This includes all the Sections, Schedules, Short Title, Enactment Date and also very significant Foot-Notes in every act.

Search facility is available on the following fields:
1. Act Year
2. Act Number
3. Short Title
4. Act Objective